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I Am In The Middle Of Moving ..Wednesday November 22 , 2017

September 11th, 2017 by

BC Designs FaviconI always wanted a design blog on it’s  own domain and space away from my and my Bon Jovi stuff and site .. and I am finally being able to do so and I am very excited about the move  … only this design blog not  my other blogs is moving .. this  new blog I am going to do it will be  with a friend Denny  and the  new name is  Design Kaboodle

I am moving things slowly and I am not taking this blog down till I move everything so you might be redirected to the new place ..on some pages &  tutorials ,  post and shares from here  are still here for the time being  …

so you can say some of my stuff is here and some is at the new place  till I get everything moved

all my new post, shares & tutorials will be at the new place  .. please bear with me while I move … the new spot does not have much yet but it will  Denny will be moving her stuff there to so please  keep this  blog bookmark and bookmark the new blog too ..I will announce when I have everything moved both here and on the new site.. when I get everything on the new site this blog will be deleted so for now I am at both blogs at the moment  ,,, . Thanks everyone so sorry for any inconvenience  many hugs to all  hope to continue seeing you here and at the new blog   hugs Bev

New spot: Design Kaboodle

PS Brushes Watercolor Flowers: 26 Soft Spring Flower

August 1st, 2017 by

BC Designs Share Find Photo

BC Design Design Icon Image* Share Find

Found this  Photoshop blog it is a list of Free goodies  has some wonderful Photoshop Patterns , Brushes and they have some free Fonts to if you have PSPX6-X9  you can use photoshop brushes and you can grab the fonts to

love these Patterns for Photoshop visit their site All Free Designs  = Click Here


Watercolor Flowers: 26 Soft Spring Flower PS Brushes   Brushes Link = Click Here

Source: Watercolor Flowers: 26 Soft Spring Flower PS Brushes| All Free Designs


Flower #2

July 17th, 2017 by

PS: Click on thumbnails for better photo view

Flower #2

there is 15 different colors could not decide which green I liked so I  added all three

the colors are

Rainbow , yellow, 3 greens, orange, 2 pinks , 2 blues red, 2 purple white and black….  each color is on it’s own layer on the psd/tube  share

each tube  is size 327X 286

Flowers # 2

Flower 1

April 26th, 2017 by

BC Designs Tubes Preview Flower 1PS: Click on thumbnails for better photo view

 Flower 1

Made this yesterday on my day off hope enjoy  there 9 colors was going to have 8 but I could not decide which orange colorO liked so included both color orange 1 orange 2 red, green,purple,lite pink , hot pink blue and aqua

each  tube size  is 324 X 332

Flower 1

Template #04

April 25th, 2017 by

BC Designs Template Preview #04

PS: Click on thumbnails for better photo view

Template #4

I have made up this simple template  a very long time ago  but I redid it it made it bigger I love simple stuff I made everything but the doodles the doodles came from

Lori from Doodles From My Noodle please check her blog out

 Template #4 Contains


800 X 800

1 polka-dot background ( not shown  like the stripes )
2 small polka-dot stripes
one large polka-dot stripe
one  small oval
one  small Large
one frame
one gear embellishment
2 doodles from Lori

Template #04

Bunny Silhouettes Pastels

April 22nd, 2017 by

BC Designs Tubes Preview Bunny Silhouttes Pastels

PS: Click on thumbnails for better photo view

  Post /Part 2

Like I told you in my previous  share post I know this is late and Easter has past but I am posting this anyway maybe some one would want to get them for next year I had this made before Easter but with my Step Dad sick I never got to post them till now .. I also made some in darker colors . so please fell free to check those out to Click Here

This are bigger then the darker color ones that I made   but they are still real small and it would not be good to use as a main focal tube.. but they would be great if you need to stick a little bunny somewhere

these have a smooth finish &  there is  20-23 colors   it looks like some colors are the same but it is not they are different the maker  of the styles that I used must have went crazy with the different  colors and shades of light pink and purple and peach   I used all colors he gave out  plus  I experimented with two colors  to see if I could change the colors what  I liked so I threw those in too.

the tube is only 267 X 385 ( little bigger the the original darker ones )

Bunny Silhouettes Pastels