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sharesAny time you see something that you like and the link is not working please contact me Click Here  I can fix it & make sure you get it
Be sure to allow popup windows on your browser from or jovi-girls/bcdesigns to be able to download my shares they are on my server

Please Remember  on the blog to click on image thumbnails … to view the images and shares in a larger view

my creations I try my best to make it where everyone can use it no matter what versions of Paint Shop Pro  or Photoshop you have I save  the shares  in  zip files and they  are  a  PSD or a  Png  formats  since PSP and PS …both can open  PSD & PNG  file format

I use Photoshop CC 2015 -CC 2017 and Paint Shop Pro X8

My Backgrounds & Mask & Wallpapers & Signature Tags :

Are png format the animated ones are gifs … the wallpapers are to large so I put them in zip files  I will have a download button for them to download from

Signature Tags that I use Other Artist art work that I use in my projects I have bought legal license and they will have the artist name website and my license number on them I give credit where it is due

Tubed Pictures for tubes & embellishments
(like books , flowers & etc ) when I am making graphics for a website that has a certain theme .. if I do not have it on hand I tube images I use clipart or stock  images that allows sharing & do not require credit they are safe to use in your projects they come from mostly royal free clip art from my paid CD’s & safe online stock images

My Copyright Info & Guidelines for My Own Creations

The tubes , kits , templates & etc that I make are my own ideas or by online tutorials they are copyrighted to me and I will have © made by BC Designs or © BC Designs on a layer tube or share

Please Note! there is a copy of this in each share or you can download  below

1: Using With Other Artist Art/Tubes

If my shares are used with a Artist tube /art work ( like the pinup girls from Keith Garvey & etc ) there is no copyright required to use my tubes that I have made

But !!!!

If you use my tubes alone as the main tube /art focus in your projects or signature tags and etc yes it is copyright to me so please just put
© BC Designs

2: Please do not pass my stuff around without my permission if you want to share please give them the link to my blog

3:if you write tutorials and want to use any of my stuff please feel free to but please let me know and a link to my blog would be appreciated & plus I will be happy to highlight your tutorial here on my blog

4:most of all please !!!!!!!! do not claim my stuff as your on your blog/site and offer for downloading ( that is called Stealing )

To Download my TOU download it below

click to download

BC Designs Design Share Tube ImageI make my own stuff but still love buying & using artist art tubes in my projects the pinup tubes are gorgeous

This is a List of PSP Tube Companies & Independent Artist who sells PSP tubes that I use and have license with I am sure there is more out there this list will grow as I continue on with tube buying obsession

Tube Companies :

1; Creative Design Outlet (CDO) = Click Here

2: Pics For Designs (PFD) = Click Here

3:My Tubed Art= Click Here

4:ScrapsNCompany (SNCO) = Click Here

Independent Artist:

1: Chris Pastel Tubes = Click Here

2: =Click Here

3:Very Many Tubes= Click Here

4:Barbara Jensen = Click Here

5: Keith Garvey ( Favorite of All Time ) = Click Here

6: Arthur Crowe= Click Here

7:Ismael Rac = Click Here

8:TooshToosh = Click Here

9:Alicia Mujica Designs = Click Here

10: Zlata_M = Click Here

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