Valentine ‘s Day

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This is the valentine’s Day Shares  be sure to click on the image thumbnails to get a better view of the image.. enjoy

BC Designs Tube Preview Valentine Envelope

Valentine Heart Envelope

This is my valentine  heart envelope tube  with a red heart that says Love You you can use the envelope ...
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BC Designs Tube Preview Valentine Love You

Love U Heart

This heart tube I made to go with my  envelope  tube that I made  thought I would offer with the ...
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BC Designs Tube Preview Valentine Lollypop

Bev’s Valentine Chocolate Lollypop

made two chocolate bases  of the lolly pop one is decorated icing edge & one is not I left one ...
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BC Designs Tube Preview Valentine Cookies

Bev’s Valentine Cookies _01#

these are my Valentine’s cookies that I made  there is nine of them this file is around 1394 x 1430so ...
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BC Designs Background Preview Small Hearts

Bev’s Small Hearts Background

This  are small Hearts  it comes in Purple, Pink , Blue and Red  the wallpaper is size 593 x 600 ...
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BC Designs Tube Preview Bubble Hearts

Bev’s Bubble Hearts #01

I was using this for project thought it was neat effect kinda reminds me a bubble effect there is 4 ...
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BC Designs Tube Preview Hearts & Arrow

Hearts & Arrow _01 tube share

I will admit I have a lot of hearts for Valentine’s but I am really sharing the arrow .. I ...
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BC Designs Tubes Preview Bag A Snag Cluster

BAS Valentine Cluster Share 2014

This was a cluster that I made with my friend Denny who owns Bag A Snag Forum= Click Here and ...
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BC Designs Template Preview #14

Valentine Template #14

click on images to see larger images You could use this template even if it is not Valentine's . the ...
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Written by Bonjovicrzy | Bev- BC Designs

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