jon-the-new-album-ageing-richie Blog

Jon the new album, ageing, Richie, the evolution of music and more…

Jon Bon Jovi won't be signing up to a "Where Are They Now" tour - rehashing the old hits - ...
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philxcottage Blog

Neat Riff From Phil X

gotta love when a studio looks like the cottage. & as @gagejacoby would ask, "where's this cottage everyone in Canada ...
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jovi-tico-03 Blog

My New Desktop Photo

Hey everyone you know I love all the boys in the band but those who knows me the best knows ...
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hqdefault-15 Blog

Daytona 500 Jovi Style

I forgot about this  .. I remember watching this on TV Daytona 500  in Florida  February 19, 2006 enjoy Bev ...
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2005-boston-hand Blog

2005 Boston HAND ...
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thesearmsthumb1 Blog

These Arms Are Open All Night very pretty ...
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alwaysthumb1 Blog

Always In Blue

I alwas loved Jon in this blue shirt ...
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jovi-jon-18 Blog

Jon in Suite Looks Nice

Click on thumbnail for better view ...
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hqdefault-13 Blog

Jovi Cover of Heroes

I just love when the boys does covers here  is one of my all time favorites doing David Bowie 's ...
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