info InformationWe have been going since 2002 on MSN Groups/Forums as ” Not Old Just Older ” Group  then when MSN groups closed we moved here in 2007 and changed our name to “ Jovi-Girls” and been going every since the site is run by 3 wonderful ladies and myself all of us have been Bon Jovi groupies for a very long time  the team is Jenn and Patricia and Denny & Bev (Me) … Denny & I are the owners .. you will see mostly me here at the blog’s front end and Twitter and Patricia at Facebook and

Note ****

If you have personal tour photos and was ask for permission to use them or have any photos you want to share with us or you have  some curiosity what is said please



Personal  Tour  Photos Do You have Any  To Share ? ?  :

 To See Samples What We Make With Private Tour Pictures  

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Do You Want To Share Your Tour Pictures ?? Any tour past and present & any band member is fine Please Click To Read “

Denny & I ( Bev ) we do not get to go to to many live shows due to location and health and when we go to a show we are no photographers

Private tour photos we do ask permission to use or share here at Jov-Girls when we ask for permission we are ask for more information at time some are afraid to share with us so we will we will explain it here on this page so please bare with us ..

Honestly we love to use personal pictures to use for decorations of the blog, front page and banner we do have a entrance page Click Here and we also make signature tags and desktop wallpapers to … it looks better with personal photos and is unique from others and we know who the owner is of the photo and we can put the correct/proper copyright on it

We still have manners here at Jovi-Girls

Everyone knows if you post it on YouTube and Facebook it is a target to be shared but the team here at Jovi-Girls tries our best to be polite and still ask for permission if we know the photos are truly yours & if we heard of you in Jovi Land !!! if you decide to share you can share how many you want & we appreciate anything that is shared with us and we also love hearing the story how you got that one special photo and if you are still reading this thank you for reading this and your time and if you give us permission it is greatly appreciated ..the guidelines below is what we follow

Happy Tour time … hugs and love Denny & Bev

"If you give us permission what is in it for the photo owners Please Click To Read
  •  Small photos repair  if the pictures needs them & can be fix before we use or share   - like if they are  too dark or light ,color changes,we have done  color to black & white or if they are too  grainy  you will get a copy of the fix ones  to keep with your originals
  •  When Sharing If Owner requires we will put a copyright /watermark with owner's name & info on the photo  before sharing or posting in galleries or blog & we ask you if you want them shared on our Jovi-Girls social places or not
  • We have a photo gallery for private photos & private videos  if you share allot  we can make your own video or photo showcase gallery  where you can give the link to your family and friends  to show them off we know mostly everyone shares on facebook or have a blog now a days   but there is some that still does not have their own space or not a computer geek
  • If we use them for  blog decoration or wallpapers & etc  we remove the backgrounds mostly.. you get the first graphic & if you give us your approval of the graphic   your copyright will be on wallpapers or tag or a credit on Jovi-Girls  Blog  or Front Page  if use in Logo or site
  • We do not share them on our social places or to anyone else but Jovi-Girls Blog   unless you give us permission to


 To Share Your Pictures with us  contact Us Here  pinkclickme Informationin subject line attention it to Denny or Bev 



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