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Lisameadowlands_sample-300x222 Jovi-Girls Bon  Jovi Graphics
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Both Denny and Bev  does Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop  both of us is addicted to it we have been doing it for years  ..  we mostly make Normal/ Regular  Graphics  Check out our other  blogs Above /This blogs menu  or  Click Here For Deny’s design  Forum  or Click here Denny ‘s Design Blog or Click Here for Bev’s Design Blog

But at times

If we get  private Bon Jovi  tour photos with permission   we make  some Bon Jovi graphics we make both Wallpapers  & Signature Tags .. this is the page  where we will post them to offer them .. We do not take special  request  We only offer what we made   when we offer it we can add  your name to it @most times if you are interested in more graphics and our Non Bon Jovi graphics visit our Design Blogs we do offer graphics there more then here

Do You Have Any Private Tour Photos  & Want To give us permission for graphics ???

maureenwallpersample-300x188 Jovi-Girls Bon  Jovi Graphics
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If You Have  Private  Bon Jovi Tour pictures  and you want to give us permission to make graphics with you photos  We would appreciate anything that is shared with us  we  take any  past or present Bon Jovi tours and any member of the band (past or present ) we are not picky  Click Below  to read more info  about permssions  Click Here To Read  thanks a bunch  Denny & Bev

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