Who would have thought on March 17th 2013  on the “Because We Can Tour at United Spirit Arena, Lubbock, TX, ”  was going to be the last show with Richie Sambora with the band  he left and went Solo .  We might not like it or approve it  but it is done  ,,” we miss you Richie we still love & support you  and wish you the best and good health  thanks for all wonderful memories and most of all the music thank you for sharing your talent with us all these years ”

We decide since the band says it is a new era & Richie has moved on we are going to put videos and photos in three main categories for the release of the new CD due out November 4 2016  we know Jon , Dave, & Tico is the main original members but got to admit we are loving seeing both Hugh & Phil in the Promo photos and videos we hope it continues .. the fans has always thought Hugh as a official member of the band

Please Note  Some of the video & photo galleries have more then one page  one page shows 16 images/videos at the very  end of the gallery page there is pagination  word links  Right ( Next )  and Left ( Previous ) ..they are so small you might miss this unless you are looking for them

all areas will updated when we find new Jovi goodies

Archives and New Era

 Archives : All Photos & Videos from year 1983 –  September  2016   with Richie Sambora

 New Era:  All Photos & Videos from year  October 2016 – Future   without Richie Sambora

 Jovi Bonus  :  Videos & Photos that the Jovi-Girls Team loves and Shows videos of full & partial shows that we find and web cams & dvd’s the band has released

Press On CD  Image

oldera-1 Media             Archives  years 1983- Sept 2016

newera-1 MediaNew Era  October 2016 – Future

bonusjovi Media Jovi Bonus



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