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WE Have Some Bonus  Videos, Photos, Mp3 & Graphics

Management Team Favorites there will more added when we find them .. they are categorize as New Era & Old Era  of the band

Shows are videos of Full & Partial  Jovi concerts & webcams & TV Shows that appear on  TV that we find on Youtube  or the band releases .& some of the full concerts might be  in audio only …

 Highlight Show we will highlight  a concert video from time to time  there will be a larger pop up video  screen for better viewing  hope you enjoy ..

 Our Mp3 Playlist Player We have a  music player that plays while you are here at the blog it will play even if you are changing pages but you will have to start it to play  (bottom left corner pink with white button) it has rare & live tracks , the playlist will grow as we go

 Our Bon Jovi Graphics Click Here   we make Bon Jovi graphics at times when we get some private photos permissions  we make desktop wallpapers & signature tags for message boards and emails and sometimes we run in to a few avatars and wallpapers others make and offer  .

if you like something we share .. please leave us a comment  or leave us  some love (like/star button below)

Please Note  Some of the video & photo galleries have more then one page  one page shows 16 images/videos at the very  end of the gallery page there is pagination  word links  Right ( Next )  and Left ( Previous ) ..they are so small you might miss this unless you are looking for them

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JG’s Team Favorites


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 ♥ Jovi- Girls Team Favorites ( New Era  )

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♥ Jovi- Girls Team Favorites ( Old Era/ Archives )

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 ♥ Jovi- Girls Team Favorites ( New Era )

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♥ Jovi- Girls Team Favorites ( Old Era/ Archives )

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on the bottom left of the blog screen ( pink with white button ) we have 15 tracks so far

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